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Vermont was the first state to legalize it through its state legislature, according to the Burlington Free Press. The law will allow adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana.

After early successes for the cannabis industry in western states, including Colorado, the New England region has been the latest to legalize marijuana in recent years.

But while its famous independent streak, liberal politics and ample supply of college activism all made for fertile ground, the legalization movement has often collided with old-fashioned Yankee sensibilities — particularly in towns weary of the stigma around pot.

In Massachusetts, where voters approved of recreational marijuana in November 2016, Sunday is when retail sales are allowed to finally start. But no pot stores have been licensed yet, and only a few may open for business in the coming months. Key factors cited for the delay are community resistance, the need to complete background checks on applicants and the lack of marijuana testing facilities.


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CHESTERVILLE, Ontario — Inside garage-sized containers at one end of a cavernous warehouse in a former Nestlé factory south of Ottawa are rows of marijuana plants stacked atop each other, basking in the unearthly glow of grow lights.

They belong to Hamed Asi, an Ontario businessman who calls them his “vertical farm.” He has no background in growing marijuana, or in any kind of agriculture. His other line of business is installing office furniture; cubicles, filing cabinets and desk chairs fill the opposite end of the warehouse.

A financial boom not seen since the dot-com mania of the late 1990s has overtaken Canada. The legalization of recreational marijuana, scheduled for this autumn, is not only a momentous social change and public health challenge, but also a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs like Mr. Asi to be in on the birth of what they hope will become a multibillion-dollar industry.


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John Morgan pushing to legalize recreational marijuana in 2020

naplesnews.comJohn Morgan, who led the effort to legalize medical marijuana in Florida in 2016, says he will get a recreational use measure on the 2020 ballot.

Orlando attorney John Morgan, who bankrolled the successful effort to broadly legalize medical marijuana in Florida two years ago, says he will raise funds — and dip into his own deep pockets — to get a recreational use measure on the 2020 ballot.

Morgan said he is speaking with U.S. marijuana companies to raise enough money to get a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot and would personally contribute any needed funds. He estimates the campaign would need about $5 million.


Will Michigan legalize pot in November? – CBS News


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Voters in Michigan will head to the polls in November to cast their vote on legalizing recreational marijuana. If the measure is approved, Michigan will become the 10th state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana for adult use.

On July 1st, Vermont became the first state to legalize marijuana through its state legislature. A similar approach to legalize cannabis through the legislature was taken in Michigan in 2016, but it ultimately failed even though proponents of the measure had met the number of signatures required to put the issue on the ballot.

“The legislature could have acted to pass it immediately before it went on the ballot, but they just couldn’t get the support for it,” Kathy Gray, a political reporter for the Detroit Free Press, told CBS News. “We’ve got a Republican-controlled legislature and a Republican governor, and they just couldn’t get the votes to pass it before it got to the ballot.


Vermont becomes ninth state to legalize recreational marijuana | FOX31 Denver




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