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Taylor Caught Up in a Real Estate Lawsuit

Taylor Swift has found herself in a lawsuit because of her recent Townhouse purchase. According to the lawsuit, she is being sued by a real estate broker for over 1 Million Dollars.

An unnamed member of brokerage firm Douglas Elliman introduced​ the “Shake it Off” singer to the owner of 153 Franklin St., which abuts a building where the “Bad Blood” singer has a duplex penthouse, last year, according to the new Manhattan civil suit.

The luxury home was a perfect match for the pop superstar, whose current apartment at 155 Franklin St. is lacking  an indoor garage, which has her parking on the street and puts her right in the eye of the paparazzi.

The new abode should provide her with some cover and additional privacy.

The Douglas Elliman broker had shown the property, although it was unlisted (which would have protected their commission) which was previously owned by Dominique Strause-Kahn.  The broker had also provided blueprints for the home.

When Taylor closed on the property – they didn’t have the real estate broker on the HUD1 – and no commission was paid.  Douglas Elliman is suing for their commission, which was a traditional 6% for that real estate market.  It is unclear if the real estate broker had a buyer representation agreement, which would have protected their commission.

We are guessing that they are currently relying on “procuring cause” as the core of their lawsuit. It appears that Taylor had chosen to use a real estate attorney for he transaction and avoid paying commission.


A Swift spokeswoman declined to comment. Reps for the all of the entities involved did not return calls.


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