Side Tattoos for Girls

As we know that different people have different believes, and we know that different people have different thinking as well. So people get tattoos on their bodies for different types of reasons.

So the girls of these very generations get tattoos on different parts of the body mostly for style and fashion. So most of the girls get their tattoos on the side of their body and also in their waist and forearms too.

Side tattoos for girls have got various designs and styles but the main thing is that you need to choose a tattoo design which will suits you and makes your tattoo looks pretty cool and stylist which can make your tattoo looks attractive by the people.

So side tattoos for girls in your body parts which may includes your waist and fore arms is the perfect place for the girls to make tattoos in your body. As the waist has a large space in your body so you can easily extend your tattoos and make your tattoos broad and large which will be visible very easily and will make the tattoos very attractive.


Advantages for making side tattoos for girls:


  • One of the main advantages for making side tattoos for girls is that tattoo on the side can be hidden easily and while going to office you can easily hide it if you don’t want to show your tattoo then side tattoo is the perfect idea for the girls.
  • And making side tattoos on your body can make your tattoo very large and broad as it have enough spaces which will make your tattoo looks very cool and very attractive.
  • Especially for girls the design of quotes, flowers, stars, etc will provide you the perfect option for making tattoos on the side of your body and will make your tattoo looks really awesome.
  • The artist those who make tattoos also become easy for them to art different kinds of tattoos on the side body of the girls.


Disadvantages for making side tattoos for girls:


  • As we all know that the skins of the girls are very sensitive and making tattoos on their waist are more painful as compared to any other areas of your body part.
  • Due to the thin skin of the girls, it has to be very careful for the artist while making tattoo on their body.
  • And as the skin of the girls are very sensitive , making tattoos in the waist or side body parts of the girls may also leads to side effects. It might lead to different type of dangerous diseases like skin disease, skin cancer, etc.
  • While making tattoos you should be very careful and notice that whether the artist has change the needle and provides you a new one. Some artist may use an old needle which has been already used by another person.
  • Always remember that using old needles which has been already used by some other person may leads to many dangerous diseases like HIV aids and blood cancer and many more dangerous disease.




Side Tattoos for girls have many advantages and also disadvantages for the people and especially for the girls. As the skin of the girls is very sensitive and it might leads to some dangerous diseases also. So while making tattoos you need to be very careful and make sure that they provide you some precautions which will prevents you from getting different kind of dangerous disease.

As tattoos is very popular in the world and now in this very generation it has become very popular for both men and women but the reasons for making tattoos may be different from one person to another. It may be because of styles or it may be because of culture and it may be because of some specific reasons. So if you are very interested in tattoos and arts please be careful and make sure that you take safety precautions.