Witness the fitness: the Sole Fitness LCR Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Sole Fitness LCR is the  latest recumbent model of the much known  upright bike, having a much heavier flywheel and an upgraded ECB resistance arrangement making working out quiet but still difficult enough at just $1499. You can check list of best selling recumbent bikes here: which is recommeneded by fitness experts.

The review contains the aspects of the design, the display monitor, the preset programs and many other features will be closely reviewed.


Design characteristics

The low situated frame and the simple design with an impressive 350 lbs weight makes the Sole Fitness LCR truly the epitome of light weight model. The back rest and the seat alignment have been modified in order to ensure minimal strain on one’s lower back to ensure longer workout hours.

Being extra wide, the contouring cushions not just only provides lumbar support but also provides the legs enough space to cycle in a more comfortable and effective manner. The combination of the ECB arrangement with the 30 lbs flywheel, this bike ensures a smooth and efficient workout experience inside one’s own home. There are heart rate sensors attached to the seat to monitor the vitals as well as a bottle holder to keep oneself hydrated.

Display monitor design

Many people prefer to watch movies or listening songs while working out. The much advanced Sole Fitness LCR (Best Recumbent Bike) provides the option to connect a smartphone or a tablet along with the speakers to ensure uninterrupted media playback.


It has been scientifically proven that listening to songs during workouts yield far better results. The music distracts the mind from the physical exhaustion and is specially designed from low to medium intensity workouts.

The blue back light facilitates better visibility of the vital statistics, which contains time, workout name, distance, calories lost and pulse rate.

Preset workout routines

One doesn’t need to abandon their gym workout regime only because they are working out at their homes. This bike provides a wide plethora of preset modes which can help one to workout in similar way to a gym.

Preset workout programs:

  1. Standard (5) – one can choose from a wide variety like Hill, Fat loss, Cardiovascular, Strength, and Intense training with breaks options, depending on one’s own needs.

These specific modes help one to focus on certain body parts and thus yield the best possible results.

  1. Custom (2) – There are two specific modes where one can program the routine according to their own needs and their own fitness goals can be achieved in a way they want.
  2. Heart Rate Control mode (2) – These programs allows one to set a routine to keep a constant heart rate throughout the workout.

Transport and storage

The product weighs only 157 lbs which makes it very easy to transport assemble wherever one needs it too. It runs on self powered system which means one does not need to worry about moving the bike around. Be it the first time or an up gradation, this bike is a onetime solution for all the workout needs at the comfort of one’s home.

The Final Verdict

  • Backlit display gives good feedback.
  • Operates on internal power system.
  • Price to performance ratio is excellent.
  • Custom workout programs are present for working out.
  • Comfortable seat with lumbar support.
  • Solid and stable frame design with walk through design.
  • Assembling the bike at times is difficult as the manual does not clearly navigate through the steps.
  • The front wheel drags on the carpet so a suitable smooth floor is advised to work out on.
  • It is not compatible with iFit live.
  • The display while using a tablet can’t display the vital statistics.