Galaxy Note 6 With High End Specs

The present era of smart phones Galaxy Note 6 would be a very expensive and better smart phone. It would be very advanced one also.

 So now we move on to the processor section of the Galaxy Note 6 as we all know that Samsung tries to bring new chipset with every release of Note or Galaxy S Series smart phone. So the chipset of Note 6 would be so much advanced. So the same will continue in 2016 and we would be seeing Galaxy Note 6 Exynos version with a first 16-core processor of Samsung that would be launched with Foldable display. Maybe samsung is working on a windows 11 laptops.


                    As an advanced, connected with a computing processor  octa-core CPUs, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with X10 LTE supports cutting-edge mobile experiences same to be said in Galaxy S8. People can download something With download speeds of up to 450 Mbps and the ability to stream 4K Ultra HD video and high-res digital media capabilities, the Snapdragon 810 processor is designed with the connectivity, power and speed to handle some of today’s  demanding tasks and more. They both will give a very tough competition to iPhone 8 as well.

                   Image Signal Processor is a specialized camera “engines” integrated into Snapdragon processors that enable high quality camera features in your  ultra-mobile devices. Delivering even more advanced capabilities,

Snapdragon 800 and the newest Snapdragon 600 series processors are feature a dual ISP that helps you to enhanced video capture on your phone, fast action and low light still shots, and post-processing features like HDR that helps you take professional looking photos with just a few taps.

                      Snapdragon CPU cores expertly balance your phone’s performance with battery life, so now you can recharge less. Highly integrated into the Snapdragon processors for efficient communication, task delegation and the CPU is designed to provide for constantly changing processor needs, while continuing to make the most of every drop of battery life.  

                       Continuing with commitment to design with your mobile needs in mind, Snapdragon processors is now integrate 64-bit CPUs, so now it is support all types of LTE smart phones and tablets. Designed to deliver and improve user experiences based on the advanced technology feature set, 64-bit enabled Snapdragon processors so it can power features like 4K display and deliver up to 30% faster graphics performance, all while reducing power consumption.

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