ICICI Bank PO Exam 2017 Date, Admit Card, Results

ICICI Bank, the 2nd largest bank in India with over 4000 branches, releases notifications for the recruitment of bank probationary officer- PO vacancies. The PO training programme is an initiative conducted by the ICICI bank every year. Candidates are chosen through a multi stage selection process and are trained in the banking domain for a year by Manipal University and then inducted as employees of the ICICI bank. Here are the detailed exam schedule for the aspirants:


PO Exam Date, Results

The probationary officer aptitude test is tentatively scheduled to be on the 24th, 25th and 26thof February, 2017. Candidates who clear the written test will then be called for group discussion/ personal interview.


Aspirants should have a graduate degree with at least 55% marks in any discipline. Their age limit as on December 31, 2016 should not be more than 25 years.

How to apply

Candidates eligible can apply online through the official website which will remain open till December 31, 2016. On the website, click on probationary officer programme and select the desired post. Fill in all the mandatory details and submit the form. Remember to keep a copy of this application form with you. There is no application fee for filling up the online form.

Admit Card

Once the application part is completed, candidates will have to visit the official website of the bank and click on the link of ICICI bank PO admit card 2017. Fill in your registration number and date of birth and you can download the admit card. Remember to update your correct contact number and email address on the website.

Exam Pattern

The selection of candidates is based on their performance in an online aptitude test, online psychometric test questionnaire, group discussion which will be case based followed by a personal interview and merit list. Group discussion and the personal interview will be scheduled on the same day. The online aptitude test will cover quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability and English language. Online psychometric test will cover questions to check your personality.

Programme Fees

The programme fee for this course is Rs. 3, 78, 604 plus an applicable service tax which has to be paid by the students in installments as per a fixed schedule during the 1 year schedule. Candidates can avail the loan facility from ICICI bank or self- fund the course fee.


IELTS Exam Preparation Tips

The International English Language Testing System- IELTS is a standardized English language proficiency test designed to assess the language ability of non- native speakers of English who intend to work or study where English is spoken. People take this test for higher education purposes at colleges or universities in countries and where English is the first language. There are 4 sections in the IELTS exam- listening, reading, writing, and speaking section. To crack the IELTS exam, we bring you few preparation tips:

Listening Section


The listening section is the most important part in an IELTS exam. To clear this section, it is very important that you practice by listening to as many conversations as possible. A big difficulty one faces is to comprehend the fluency of native English speakers. In this section, always read the first example at the beginning to acquaint yourself with the speech flow and sound. Continue to listen to the audio while you write down the answers. Also, try and interact with more than 2 people to make yourself comfortable with more than one speech flow.

Reading Section

The reading section evaluates your reading skills. To crack this section, read as much as possible and makes not while reading. This will increase your ability to look for details. Practicing comprehensions also helps a lot in the preparation process, this will help to sharpen your skills in the comprehension in the IELTS exam.While attempting this section in the exam, be careful of the time limit and read the entire passages carefully to get an overview of the passage. Since there are no negative marking, answer all the questions even if you are not sure of the answer.

Writing Section

It is very important to analyze each task and spend some time in making notes. Highlighting keywords in the tasks keeps you focused on what you have to do. Practice the writing section in order to get familiar with the IELTS writing section time limit. Avoid using any informal language and stick to the topic to score well in this section.

Speaking Section

The last section of IELTS test analyses your use of spoken English. Be confident and fluent as you interact with the invigilator. Presenting your opinion will help them assess your communication skills. To practice, do so by recording on a tape and listen to it. This will help you to focus on your mistakes and pronunciation.

How to Apply for Pilot Course in India

Pilot is a wonderful career for which you need passion. One needs to be a good learner in all aspects to join aviation. Being a pilot has a tremendous amount ofresponsibility and requires good physical and mental health to fly. You have to learn to deal with fatigue, unfavorable weather conditions and jet lag and make any critical decision. Learn what it takes to be a pilot in India:


To join pilot training institutes in India, the minimum requirement requires aspirants to have completed their 12th class with 55% marks. SC/ ST category candidates must have 50% marks in their 12th. They must also be physically fit and of age between 19 and 23 years. The eligibility criteria also depends upon admission notifications by different training institutions.

How to apply

There are so many training institutes in India which provide you a career path to be a pilot. Few of them are the Indian Aviation Academy, Government Aviation Training Institute and Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy etc. which provides the desired training/ courses to be a pilot.Candidates need to check out admission notifications by the institutes and apply accordingly for the entrance exam. Aspirants need to clear the written test followed by a physical test which is considered tough.

Procedure of Selection

Candidate selection will be based on written test- objective type comprising Physics, Mathematics, English, Geography, IQ and General Awareness including aviation. To be called for the interview, aspirants must secure a minimum of 50% in the written examination. Once they clear the interview, the candidates will have to undergo a Pilot Aptitude Test. Subsequently to the medical exam, a merit list will be prepared.

Courses Available

There are several courses available such as commercial pilot license training, private pilot license training, ground classes- PPL level that train you to be a pilot. The kind of trainings provided is flying training and ground training. You can also appear for exam through NDA, clearing which you undergo 3 year training at NDA, Khadakwasla.

The another option is to join the flying branch as a pilot by joining the “Air Force Academy” through the exams: combined Defense Services Exam, National Cadet Corps and Air Force Common Admission Test. Aspiring airline pilots need to complete a certain numbers of flight training to qualify for a license. For this, it is often advised to find personal flight instructors to acquire in-depth knowledge.

Side Tattoos for Girls

As we know that different people have different believes, and we know that different people have different thinking as well. So people get tattoos on their bodies for different types of reasons.

So the girls of these very generations get tattoos on different parts of the body mostly for style and fashion. So most of the girls get their tattoos on the side of their body and also in their waist and forearms too.

Side tattoos for girls have got various designs and styles but the main thing is that you need to choose a tattoo design which will suits you and makes your tattoo looks pretty cool and stylist which can make your tattoo looks attractive by the people.

So side tattoos for girls in your body parts which may includes your waist and fore arms is the perfect place for the girls to make tattoos in your body. As the waist has a large space in your body so you can easily extend your tattoos and make your tattoos broad and large which will be visible very easily and will make the tattoos very attractive.


Advantages for making side tattoos for girls:


  • One of the main advantages for making side tattoos for girls is that tattoo on the side can be hidden easily and while going to office you can easily hide it if you don’t want to show your tattoo then side tattoo is the perfect idea for the girls.
  • And making side tattoos on your body can make your tattoo very large and broad as it have enough spaces which will make your tattoo looks very cool and very attractive.
  • Especially for girls the design of quotes, flowers, stars, etc will provide you the perfect option for making tattoos on the side of your body and will make your tattoo looks really awesome.
  • The artist those who make tattoos also become easy for them to art different kinds of tattoos on the side body of the girls.


Disadvantages for making side tattoos for girls:


  • As we all know that the skins of the girls are very sensitive and making tattoos on their waist are more painful as compared to any other areas of your body part.
  • Due to the thin skin of the girls, it has to be very careful for the artist while making tattoo on their body.
  • And as the skin of the girls are very sensitive , making tattoos in the waist or side body parts of the girls may also leads to side effects. It might lead to different type of dangerous diseases like skin disease, skin cancer, etc.
  • While making tattoos you should be very careful and notice that whether the artist has change the needle and provides you a new one. Some artist may use an old needle which has been already used by another person.
  • Always remember that using old needles which has been already used by some other person may leads to many dangerous diseases like HIV aids and blood cancer and many more dangerous disease.




Side Tattoos for girls have many advantages and also disadvantages for the people and especially for the girls. As the skin of the girls is very sensitive and it might leads to some dangerous diseases also. So while making tattoos you need to be very careful and make sure that they provide you some precautions which will prevents you from getting different kind of dangerous disease.

As tattoos is very popular in the world and now in this very generation it has become very popular for both men and women but the reasons for making tattoos may be different from one person to another. It may be because of styles or it may be because of culture and it may be because of some specific reasons. So if you are very interested in tattoos and arts please be careful and make sure that you take safety precautions.



Galaxy Note 6 With High End Specs

The present era of smart phones Galaxy Note 6 would be a very expensive and better smart phone. It would be very advanced one also.

 So now we move on to the processor section of the Galaxy Note 6 as we all know that Samsung tries to bring new chipset with every release of Note or Galaxy S Series smart phone. So the chipset of Note 6 would be so much advanced. So the same will continue in 2016 and we would be seeing Galaxy Note 6 Exynos version with a first 16-core processor of Samsung that would be launched with Foldable display. Maybe samsung is working on a windows 11 laptops.


                    As an advanced, connected with a computing processor  octa-core CPUs, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with X10 LTE supports cutting-edge mobile experiences same to be said in Galaxy S8. People can download something With download speeds of up to 450 Mbps and the ability to stream 4K Ultra HD video and high-res digital media capabilities, the Snapdragon 810 processor is designed with the connectivity, power and speed to handle some of today’s  demanding tasks and more. They both will give a very tough competition to iPhone 8 as well.

                   Image Signal Processor is a specialized camera “engines” integrated into Snapdragon processors that enable high quality camera features in your  ultra-mobile devices. Delivering even more advanced capabilities,

Snapdragon 800 and the newest Snapdragon 600 series processors are feature a dual ISP that helps you to enhanced video capture on your phone, fast action and low light still shots, and post-processing features like HDR that helps you take professional looking photos with just a few taps.

                      Snapdragon CPU cores expertly balance your phone’s performance with battery life, so now you can recharge less. Highly integrated into the Snapdragon processors for efficient communication, task delegation and the CPU is designed to provide for constantly changing processor needs, while continuing to make the most of every drop of battery life.  

                       Continuing with commitment to design with your mobile needs in mind, Snapdragon processors is now integrate 64-bit CPUs, so now it is support all types of LTE smart phones and tablets. Designed to deliver and improve user experiences based on the advanced technology feature set, 64-bit enabled Snapdragon processors so it can power features like 4K display and deliver up to 30% faster graphics performance, all while reducing power consumption.

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Witness the fitness: the Sole Fitness LCR Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Sole Fitness LCR is the  latest recumbent model of the much known  upright bike, having a much heavier flywheel and an upgraded ECB resistance arrangement making working out quiet but still difficult enough at just $1499. You can check list of best selling recumbent bikes here: https://www.fitnesstep1.com/best-recumbent-bike-reviews/ which is recommeneded by fitness experts.

The review contains the aspects of the design, the display monitor, the preset programs and many other features will be closely reviewed.


Design characteristics

The low situated frame and the simple design with an impressive 350 lbs weight makes the Sole Fitness LCR truly the epitome of light weight model. The back rest and the seat alignment have been modified in order to ensure minimal strain on one’s lower back to ensure longer workout hours.

Being extra wide, the contouring cushions not just only provides lumbar support but also provides the legs enough space to cycle in a more comfortable and effective manner. The combination of the ECB arrangement with the 30 lbs flywheel, this bike ensures a smooth and efficient workout experience inside one’s own home. There are heart rate sensors attached to the seat to monitor the vitals as well as a bottle holder to keep oneself hydrated.

Display monitor design

Many people prefer to watch movies or listening songs while working out. The much advanced Sole Fitness LCR (Best Recumbent Bike) provides the option to connect a smartphone or a tablet along with the speakers to ensure uninterrupted media playback.


It has been scientifically proven that listening to songs during workouts yield far better results. The music distracts the mind from the physical exhaustion and is specially designed from low to medium intensity workouts.

The blue back light facilitates better visibility of the vital statistics, which contains time, workout name, distance, calories lost and pulse rate.

Preset workout routines

One doesn’t need to abandon their gym workout regime only because they are working out at their homes. This bike provides a wide plethora of preset modes which can help one to workout in similar way to a gym.

Preset workout programs:

  1. Standard (5) – one can choose from a wide variety like Hill, Fat loss, Cardiovascular, Strength, and Intense training with breaks options, depending on one’s own needs.

These specific modes help one to focus on certain body parts and thus yield the best possible results.

  1. Custom (2) – There are two specific modes where one can program the routine according to their own needs and their own fitness goals can be achieved in a way they want.
  2. Heart Rate Control mode (2) – These programs allows one to set a routine to keep a constant heart rate throughout the workout.

Transport and storage

The product weighs only 157 lbs which makes it very easy to transport assemble wherever one needs it too. It runs on self powered system which means one does not need to worry about moving the bike around. Be it the first time or an up gradation, this bike is a onetime solution for all the workout needs at the comfort of one’s home.

The Final Verdict

  • Backlit display gives good feedback.
  • Operates on internal power system.
  • Price to performance ratio is excellent.
  • Custom workout programs are present for working out.
  • Comfortable seat with lumbar support.
  • Solid and stable frame design with walk through design.
  • Assembling the bike at times is difficult as the manual does not clearly navigate through the steps.
  • The front wheel drags on the carpet so a suitable smooth floor is advised to work out on.
  • It is not compatible with iFit live.
  • The display while using a tablet can’t display the vital statistics.


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Top 5 Reasons To Wait For Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi Mi6 is expected to get an early release next year packed with high power specs.

It will also be the first Xiaomi smartphone that will be launched outside Europe and Asia. It is fairly early to know the official features and specs of the device. However, there are many rumors floating around the Internet painting a rough picture about Xiaomi MI6, according to Xiaomi Mi6 Info and iPhone 7 is also one of the Mi6 Competitor.

download (3)

Here are the top five reasons to wait for Xiaomi Mi6:

1. UHD 4K Display Screen – It is rumored that the device will sport with either a 5.5-inch screen or a 5.2-inch screen. It will also include a UHD 4K display along with a screen resolution of 4096 x 2190 pixels.

2. Octa Core Processor – Xiaomi Mi6 is expected to house the octa core processor consisting of a 2.5 GHz Quad-core processor and a 1.8 G.HZ Quad-core processor. It is also rumored to be powered with a GPU Adreno 530.

3. Camera Specs – The device is rumored to be equipped a powerful 25 mega pixel rear facing camera and an 8 mega pixel front facing camera, according to Android Info. The primary camera will also be equipped with the features of Touch focus, face detection, panorama, H.D.R, and Geo-tagging.

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4. 64 GB Storage – The Xiaomi Mi6 is expected to be equipped with two internal memory options, 16 GB option and 64 GB Options. It may also be expandable up to 128 GB through a micro SD card.

5. Awesome Add-On Features – It may be equipped with Eye Scanner, optical image stabilization featured in the Rear Camera, Fast battery charging, Quick Charge 2.0, and an Enhanced Selfie Camera.





Nokia C1 specs reported. Nokia C1 specs launched. Nokia C1 specs offered right here. Nokia C1 specs are above average. Nokia C1 specs include Octa core cpu. Nokia C1 specs likewise include 2GB RAM. Nokia C1 comes with high array attributes. This smartphone is going to contend against one of the very best mobile phones readily available in market. This is the very first mobile phone made by Nokia to provide Android. Nokia C1 works on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This os in not even offered in market yet. Operating the launch this mobile phone will certainly become the first ever smartphone to come operating Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Nokia C1 includes 5 inch full HD display. The dimension of the display is optimal. This mobile phone features various excellent quality attributes. Nokia is attempting to make its mark on market with this mobile phone. Nokia C1 is expected to come to be the following front runner deadly for the company. As per gadgets.ndtv Nokia C1 provides 8 mega pixel back camera. The breaking experience provided by the electronic camera is exceptional. Nokia C1 also provides a 5 huge pixel front facing camera. Although Nokia cannot utilize its brand of its phones until 2016 as a result of the acquisition of its solutions to Microsoft.



Nokia has revealed that it is visiting come back in the mobile phone business by licensing design to hardware makers. There was a time when this mobile maker went to the leading position in mobile market. Nokia shed his prominence in the sector when it choose home windows over Android smartphones. Nokia will now ship Android smartphones. It is choosing making a huge come back. Nokia C1 is visiting be a mile rock in the return of this mobile giant.

Nokia C1 design is same as Xiaomi mi4i. Nokia C1 price is not officially revealed yet. It is the resurgence smartphone of Nokia. It is anticipated to provide the features which was never seen prior to.

‘ Nokia C1 specs:-.

Screen:- 5 inch full HD screen.
Cpu:- Octa core processor.
RAM:- 2GB.
Running system:- Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Key cam:- 8 huge pixel.
Secondary electronic camera:- 5 mega pixel.
Connectivity:- 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, Wi fi, GPS, GPRS and Bluetooth.
‘ Nokia C1 price:-.

Nokia C1 price is not officially announced yet. Nokia C1 price is anticipated to be in between Rs 10,999 to Rs 12,999 just.


DealGuru-The Best Online Shopping Experience

If you want to have the best online shopping experience, then DealGuru is the best place to trust. Here, you can get the most amazing shopping deals, as suggested by the name of this website. Being started by the popular shopping web portal AskMeBazaar, adds to the reliability of DealGuru. Here, you can lay your hands on the best brands and the best products, showcased by more than 900 reputed sellers around the country, which not only gives you plenty of choice, but also heavily discounted deals. For the most incredulous stuff and the most incredible deals, visit DealGuru today!


Why Rely on DealGuru?

Today, the online market is flooded by countless online shopping websites, which offer some great discounted deals on your favorite stuff, but you cannot depend on just any website for online shopping, as there are always chances of online frauds or complicated return/replacement procedures. However, AskMeBazaar is one name which has won the faith of thousands of customers all over the country, and DealGuru by AskMeBazaar is equally trustworthy and reliable. Most of the formalities here are handled by AskMeBazaar, which adds to the trust value of DealGuru. Moreover, DealGuru has great versatility to offer to the shopping lovers all over India, as it has more than 1000 deals on offer, with some of them giving as much as 90% discount on the market value. This gives you all the more reasons to rely on DealGuru for your next online shopping spree.


The Big Daddy of Yellow Pages, Classifieds, Search Engines and applications: Askme

Since time immemorial, man has been hunting for various ways through which he can attain a consistent source that lists the location of each resource available. Since the days of touch phones and androids, applications have made a finite boom of providing a consistent and strong flow of information.  Askme has provided a substitute that is time-efficient for phone numbers, addresses, and list calendar offs, timings, working hours as well as communicate to all the friends via a social networking platform that helps to spread the word about your favourite spots of hangout as well as other preferences.


The uber-efficient customer-friendly interface is one of its ace features which, since its debut has been virally downloaded by zillions across the world. The relaxed look of the interface guarantees a clutter-free flow of information without any strain. The ease of access and availability of information is authentic as well as precise. The efficient interface provides a highlight on the top-notch deals as well as offers. The popularity of the application’s services aimed is at providing fast information flow, without any halt. The reviewing and rating powers available for each customer allows them to add their custom images and tips.

Power house of Info

The application is a powerhouse of relevant information for zillions of topics and services. Askme provides its customers with an updated and regular notification on the services requested for. The sophisticated side of business transactions and deals like the payment mechanisms and ratings optimised are for the convenience of each customer. The exceptionally simplistic interface adds to the methods to avail askme. Users can easily download askme from the chrome web store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.GetIt)


Pros of Askme


1)   Searching and providing authentic information of various business in the vicinity

2)   Find great deals

3)   Classifieds and yellow pages reports on the selected topics

4)   Lets you design your own listings according to local business preferences

5)    Addition of photos, reviews as well as tips for preferred businesses

6)   Sharing the business information via SMS, Facebook, E-mail and Twitter-like social networking platforms

7)    Searching any service as well as their address and contact ID

8)   Providing addition business information like regular timings and payments mechanisms and methods

9)   Zillion reviews to choose your favourite choice with utmost care

10) Authentic information and assistance of places visited as well as future procedure

This free application is one of the most virally trending applications that provide for the merchandise as well as its marketing, all free-of-cost.

The application has been voted as the best application or ‘Baap of all Apps’, by thousands of people. The enhanced design and interface lets its owner to find exciting deals and information as well as share it in seconds.  The current running version of askme is 1.-0.34 and has been the reason for 1,000,000 installs already. The application demands Android 2.2 and above

The application is very easy to use and provides smooth and uninterrupted set of programming services that are top-notch and of excellent quality in the global market today.  One of the most ace factors of ‘askme’ is that it has the quintessential powerhouse of integrated search engine. The application is renowned to have one of the most efficient user interface and integrated features for enhanced searching as well as directory services.